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Erling Sr. (Aka Dream Baby), Erling Jr.16, Kimberly, Esten 14, and Eliane 10

The Super Short Version:

Kimberly Mengshoel was raised in Chipley, Florida, studied in Boston, Massachusetts, learned what

life is about in Nashville, Tennessee, and found passion in Lillehammer, Norway.

An American expat  floundering with a new language,  the metric system, and an entirely different culture.

She is married to the man of her dreams and mother of three DRAMATICALLY entertaining children.

Yoga is her drug, but writing is her passion.  After all, it is cheaper than therapy.

25 additional things about Kimberly:

1- She is a yoga FREAK and teaches at Elixia in Lillehammer.

2- Kimberly loves, Loves, LOVES red wine and coffee, ESPECIALLY with a friend.

3- She would love to have a pet, but Dream Baby SAYS he is allergic to everything that poops.

4- Kimberly writes from her heart to BREATHE. She writes to live, and finds it to be a cheaper solution than therapy.

5-She bar tended and dental assisted  her way through school in Boston.

6-Kimberly is learning to play the violin with her daughter.

7-Norwegian Freia Melke Sjokolade is her favorite candy.

8- Kimberly is a member of LIPS, a local ice bathing club.

9- Kimberly enjoys a good read and started a book club in Lillehammer. (That way people would come visit)

10- She HAS lived in sin.

11- Kimberly is a Sweet Pototo Queen Wannabe, and according to Jill Conner Brown reigns over Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and all surrounding territories.

12- Kimberly has been told by Dream Baby that she must live in Norway 19 years, just as he lived in the States 19 years, before she can openly express where she likes living best.

13- Kimberly has lived in Norway 9 years, 0 months, 7 days, 2 hours, 36 minutes, and 14 seconds.

14- Kimberly´s two favorite places in the world are Kvitfjell, Norway and Watersound, Florida.

15- Her favorite Norwegian bands are VAMP and Hellbillies, but if she could go on tour with anyone for a year she´s choosing Jimmy Buffet.

16- Kimberly is finding the aging process disappointing, and secretly fantasizes about a lift here, a suction there, and perhaps a tuck or two.

17- Most annoying thing about Norway is the quote,`Aldri dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!´ (Never bad weather, just bad clothing), but she gets the point.

18- Best thing Norway has taught her, `Ut på tur, aldri sur!´(Out for a tour(walk), never sour (mood))

19- Kimberly has coffee with her parents every single day via the internet.

20- Kimberly loves rakefisk!!!!! (and Aquavit)

21- The house she and her husband bought site unseen was lived in 30 years prior to their purchase BY COLLEGE KIDS; and after nine years, the EXTREME makeover is almost complete.


23- Kimberly feels it a dream and a privilege to live abroad.

24- She is thankful for her friends, family, alcohol, Facebook, the internet, and all her iStuff.

25- Kimberly is thrilled you stopped by and hopes to hear from you soon!

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The Extremely Long Version:

Kimberly Justice Mengshoel born in Everett, Washington forty-six years ago, but relocated to

Chipley,  Florida at the age of four when her Floridian parents decided the state of Washington was too

rainy  cold   far from home.

As a child Kimberly was both active and creative. Despite being raised on a small farm and very much a

tomboy, she LOVED ballet.

Kimberly studied ballet for seventeen years and dreamed of someday becoming a Radio City Music Hall

Rockette, an actress, or a dentist. Back-up plans are never a bad idea.

She was a cheerleader, on the track team, took karate lessons, and active in the drama club.  Politically and civically she

was FFA Florida District Officer, Class President, Student Council President, and was in the Jr

Women’s Club.

Life became more interesting when a local dentist took her under his wing at the age of 15 and gave her a part-time gopher job after school.

On Saturdays she was a life guard at the local city pool in the summer, and in the colder months she

worked in her mothers clothing store for children. Something that certainly helped define her sense of style.

In 1985 Kimberly accepted a scholarship to Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL where she studied

Chemistry and continued to pursue her passion for dance.

It was there a tall, blond , Norwegian, soccer player tossed a rock at her dorm window and asked her out

for,`Steak and Potato´. It was love at first sight.

The summer of 1987 Erling was offered a spot on Boston College´s alpine ski team, so Kimberly and the

man of her dreams transferred to Boston, MA to complete their studies.

Kimberly accepted the fact that 5´4″ was too short to become a Rockette and therefore put her chemistry

studies to use at Harvard School of Dentistry´s Forsyth Institute for Dental Research where she tested

various dental products for the ADA in addition to governmental funded research collaborations.

Kimberly has several papers published in JADA and JAMA. However, she found research antisocial and boring needed more.

In 1990 Erling and Kimberly were married and it was when they built their first home that Kimberly

decided she had missed her calling as an Interior Designer. Much to her husbands horror  surprise, she

decided to study again in order to achieve this, and later established the design firm Timeless Decor out

of Boston, MA and eventually in Nashville, TN.

In 1997 Erling Jr was born in Boston. He is a book worm, computer geek, actor,  YouTuber, and plays guitar. Jr. has no

idea what he wants to be when he grows up, but he is very creative and can reason his way out of


Esten, 1999 model born premature in Boston, is the world´s best soccer player. Just ask him! He aspires

to be a soccer pro. The child eats, sleeps, and breathes the sport. He plays for three different leagues in

Lillehammer, two of which play year round. He tries very hard in school and wants to please everyone.

He also plays guitar and is an actor.

Eliane, born 2003 in Nashville, TN, is all girl and came out of the womb singing. She LOVES everything pink and sings ALL THE TIME.

She wants to be just like her mommy when she grows up, you know make lunches and stuff (her

words). She takes ballet lessons, plays violin, and aspires to sing and act.

Just before Eliane was born, Erling Sr´s dad was diagnosed with Parkinson´s Disease. And, after

living in the states for nineteen years, Erling convinced Kimberly that relocating to his home town

Lillehammer, Norway to help out with the family business would be a positive experience.

They purchased a house SITE UNSEEN and moved with their three children in 2004.

The move has proven to be an emotional roller-coaster. But people are only given the challenges they

can handle, right? The most challenging has been helping the children with homework in a foreign

language. Oh and the weather, service, shopping, and normal sized parking spaces!

Kimberly is the author of Goodness and Grit, a blog filled with humorous and meaningful thoughts on

life when it smacks you in the head with a snowball.  She is a freelance writer, a blogger for

skirt!Magazine and is currently working on two different children´s books as well as her memoirs in the form of a chic lit novel.

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