Meet Esten

Our middle child Esten, is twelve years old going on six.

Yesterday he came home from school bursting at the seams to tell me his latest joke.

Having heard an Esten joke before, I braced myself for the unfiltered kindergarten material that was about to spew from his adorable 7th grade mouth.

 Per Esten standards, it was filled with bathroom talk and did NOT disappoint.

Esten´s Joke:

A couple was in bed

 and suddenly a strange sound came from under the comforter…

(Esten used the word fart).

The lady asked, `What was that?´

The man replied, `Game on! The score is 1-0.´

It wasn´t long before another `strange´ sound occurred,

this time the MAN questioned: `What was that?´

The lady responded `Tie ballgame´ and went back to reading her book.

Then a much louder and longer sound came from under the covers.

 (A productive fart was Esten´s description)

And the lady asked, `What was that?´

The man,

with a look of surprise on his face said,

`Half-time change sides!´

(I believe Esten used the word poop)