I get tickled when my Facebook friends rage over road closings.

The complaints sent to the local GD Paper are even funnier.

(That´s Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen. I know better than to take the Lord´s name in vain.)

One posted an entertaining article about the power of Steven Van Zandt,  begged him to move to town, and suggested he run for mayor.

Thinking back to last winter,

it was amazing how quickly road construction wrapped up when the television series Lilyhammer was filming their second season.

Little Steven was unhappy about a few speed bumps as well as the aesthetics of a bridge.

In a snap, the bridge became good as new and the speed bumps….gone!

Surely a six year project if the mafia had not been involved.

He even convinced the city to keep their holiday decorations up until close to Easter.

You know stars aren´t paid enough to film their holiday scenes on location during the holidays.

The difference between Lillehammer and Lilyhammer is reality.

Lillehammer, Norway is a quaint town.

I walk everywhere, so a few months of detours can´t be that bad, or can it?

Until yesterday, the digging had not hindered me.

As I was playing the role of Taxi-Mom,

chauffeuring precious cargo to ballet,

and in a hurry because I had already missed half of Esten´s soccer game,

I hit roadblock,

do not enter

after roadblock,


after roadblock.


It was living Hell!

I began fantasizing about Steven-Baby filming season three.

Apparently I was still agitated the following morning, because I caught myself attempting to vent during ice-swimming-training carpool,

(there´s no ice, thus training and not ice swimming)

One response was,

` Isn´t it nice to see the less traveled streets of Lillehammer? ´

Lillehammer vs. Lilyhammer

Reality vs. Fantasy

I´ll take fantasy.

My reality is as insane as my whack-a-do ice swimming friends.

After all….

Lilyhammer is my kind of town!

(Stevie-Baby Don´t forget about me when you start filming Season Three!  I´m your gal!)

Watch Little Steven sing My Little Town (Lilyhammer)

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