The wretched sound of our antique doorbell startled me.

It is missing it´s metal bell cover, and sounds like an old, broken, wind-up, alarm clock.

I find the sound  more irritating than fingernails scraping down a chalkboard.

When I answered the door,

A tiny bald man stood there smiling, and in perfect English  asked, `Are those Toll House cookies I smell?´

`Yes,´ I responded, and  a sense of calm descended upon me.

I then questioned, `Are you American?´

`My name is Tom, and I´m from Oregon.  Your husband asked me to cut down your trees.´

`Oh that´s right! I had forgotten.´

And then…

with the use of chains, a crane, a tractor, and of course a chainsaw,  Tom and Dream Baby cut down 15 trees.

That´s right, Fifteen!

Five Burch, seven apple, 2 Spruce, and some giant weed thing.

Doing so captured the attention of the neighborhood, and drew quite the crowd.

Many looked skeptical, but no one complained to our faces.

Our children and my in-laws found our adventurous day as interesting as the neighbors, but it was Dream Baby that got the most excited when Tom yelled,

`You got anything valuable in that garage?´

`It´s not mine! Hold on!´

Dream Baby ran to the only neighbor not outside witnessing the great clearance, and then I notice a pristine sports car quickly back out of the garage in question.

The ginormous Burch tree came down, and thank goodness there was no damage to the neighbor´s garage. But our yard was a mess!

Whew, what a way to meet the neighbors!

I nervously asked one elderly onlooker for her thoughts, and she sweetly responded,

`It´s reminiscent of the day I moved into this neighborhood, over sixty years ago. I like it.´

But the next day, the local newspaper read, Where will all the birds live?

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