Once again I was caught without my lipstick.
I suppose I will simply apply from now on whether I think I need it or not.

Because this morning,

when the LIPS (Lillehammer Is Pike Svømmerne/ Lillehammer Ice Maiden Swimmers)

made their way through the foot of fresh powder to the icy water´s edge of Mjøsa,
a photographer stood waiting.

Irritating the lipstick-less as well as the swimsuit-less.

I had my suit, but you know there isn´t a dressing room in sight.
And the sun is back.
No more hiding behind the curtains of darkness.

This would have bothered me seven or so years ago before hopping the pond.
But the realness of Norway is grounding.



is natural.
None of us are perfect.


we all age.

Wobbly bits that hang slightly lower than they once did, is par for the course.

Norwegians do NOT care.
They will change clothes in front of you in a blink as if it is the most natural thing on Earth to do.

ESPECIALLY in the summer time.

When the LONG awaited warm summer day finally arrives in Norway,
Norwegians will begin peeling off layers with NO reservation.
A lady gardening in her bra and shorts is a common visual.

My neighbor (age 60-something) gets her paper out of her mailbox wearing only her panties (no bra) every single summer morning.

Norway is freeing,
and real.

Ice swimming is too.
With an added adrenaline rush.
I do wish I had on lipstick though.
Rumor has it we could make the Lillehammer Calendar.

if you are EVER visiting Lillehammer and wish to spend an invigorating morning with LIPS,
let us know.
It is an experience of a lifetime!
That is
you are WOMAN enough.

(Don´t forget your lipstick.)

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