Lilyhammer makes it´s American debut TODAY on Netflix!

The series starring Steven Van Zandt premiered here two weeks ago on NRK,



are seemingly enjoying it.

Almost a quarter of the population tuned in, and even more scheduled their agendas


to miss the second show.

Our sons, ages 13 and 14 LOVE IT!

The `mafia´based story is family friendly, funny, and not at all filled with mature Soprano-type scenes.

Dream Baby and I laughed a lot,

but have concerns it might be a bit SLOW.


by the end of the first show,

we had developed relationships with the charming characters,

enjoyed seeing Lillehammer on TV,

found watching the Norwegian writers poking fun at Norwegians, as well as at Americans living in Norway,


and found ourselves looking forward to the next episode!

There were repeats of the episode during the week, and when inadvertently catching one of those,

I discovered

I had MISSED a lot!

I found it twice as funny the second time around.

There is a lot of Norwegian, and I wonder how well TEXT is going to go over in the American market.

The second episode moves at a quicker pace.

The brilliant writing is more prominent and depicts the CHARM as well as the humor of living in Lillehammer, Norway, perfectly


some of the politically INCORRECT one-liners are still being repeated at our dinner table.

Americans living in Norway are LOVING LILYHAMMER!

Are you planning to watch?


If you do, let me know what you think!!!!

Rumor has it the fourth episode is a HOOT and where the series really takes off!

Lilyhammer Trailer 

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