I do NOT collect rocks, sea shells, nor Aunt Jemima bottles to spray paint silver and display in my living room window.

NOR have I crocheted an apron for a dish-soap container friend  bottle.

I do NOT wear a pair of scissors on a string around my neck for convenience, nor do I have a pair of panty hose tied from the chain pull of my bedroom light switch to my bedpost.


I HAVE been accused of being special.

One day a neighbor called to ask if I wanted to join her, and a few of her friends for a swim in the canal pictured above.

Being special, and NOT impulsive, I respond, `Let me think about it.´

It takes this FLORIDA girl

fifteen minutes to get her navel wet as she slowly enters a tropical swimming pool in August.

The current temperatures in Norway are below freezing, and the thought of ice bathing sounds GRUESOME!


Everything I do is planned out, rationalized, and carefully researched.



AND I have discovered…

if one Googles long enough,

the answer you are searching for

WILL be found.

According to the 46th website I clicked,

ICE BATHING increases circulation, REDUCES CELLULITE, and strengthens the immune system.

I call my neighbor back proclaiming, `I´m in!´

For several months, we have been swimming every Thursday morning at seven.

We giggle like school girls.

And every week is a learning experience.

The darkness of a Norwegian winter is more intimidating than the cold.

We have learned headlights are helpful.

Did you know your feet will freeze fast to the ground in below freezing temps?

Yep, best bring an extra towel to stand on while drying off.

After swimming, when you begin to dress, gloves are the first thing to put on,

followed by socks.

Forget underwear,

you will suffer from frost bite over silly details.

In fact, my elder and wiser Wack-a-do compadres agree a swimsuit is a COMPLETE waste of time.

They swear you could freeze to death trying to get the frozen thing off afterwards, and suggest you save time by jumping straight into your wool clothing from skinny dipping without toweling off.

The droplets are frozen solid by the time you crab crawl up the bank to your pile of layers anyway.

The animated expression on my face says it all!


Lesson learned this week:  ALWAYS wear make-up!

Until now, MAKE-UP at 7:00 am in the dark when ice swimming did not seem necessary!?!

But newspaper reporters have shown up twice!

Annoying the hell out of the MAKE-UPLESS and the girls that would rather swim naked!!!

By the way…

Remember Ally McBeal and her theme song?
I believe this is MY theme song, click to listen:

Waylon Jennings- I´ve Always Been Crazy