Ulf Elf showed up fifteen years ago as a Christmas gift from Farmor (Father´s Mother) to Erling Jr.

The first year he simply sat around on the sofa during the holidays as a bit of Norwegian decor.

I imagine he was dealing with culture shock.

The next year, as Jr. became mobile, mischievous, and messy, Ulf began to follow Jr around.

He was a reminder that Santa is watching, and Jr. best mind his p´s and q´s.

Following the birth of Esten, Odd Elf appeared.

Odd felt at home right away, and was quick to follow Ulf´s lead by pointing out Esten´s forgetfulness.

Of course Eliane also came with an Elf  (with serious skirt problems) named Ingeborg.

We have a lot of giggles with our elf friends, and over the years the children have renamed them.

Jr. has changed Ulf´s name to Stalker.

Esten refers to Odd as Plagsom (Bothersome in Norwegian),

And Eliane calls Ingeborg by the name Lisa.

For the record, all of Eliane´s dolls and stuffed animals are named Lisa.

Elf reminders work!

And like magic, once things are in order the children place their elves back in the living room.

Stalker and Lisa have seemingly hooked up

and I´m hoping a new elf is on it´s way to look after Dream Baby.

If ANYONE needs an elf on his ass,  it´s DREAM BABY!