He opened a bottle of red, poured two glasses, and as he handed one to me,

he quietly said,`Babe, we are going to Barcelona.´

(our first kid-free vacation in MANY years)

Better than a catalytic converter, he had neutralized my hazardous exhaust before I could further pollute the atmosphere of our world.

Beginning to understand the name Dream Baby?

Vigeland Museum/ Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway

 Airfare within Europe is quite reasonable. For less than $100, one can fly to just about any European city from another.

And the best part? No jet lag!

Barcelona, Spain is stunning!

Cobblestone paths meander through narrow alleyways revealing

old world charm

and new world fun.

Around each corner awaits outdoor cafes

that invite you to relax and take in the architectural beauty,

attention to detail,

the people,

the shops,

or simply to ponder the INSANITY of Gaudi´s mind over a bottle of Rioja.

Loved the food in each restaurant we dined, and experienced nothing but excellent service.

(Sr. clearly thinking… Shut-up woman so he can bring the wine.)

 We were cautioned about pick-pockets, but otherwise Barcelona is an extremely safe and walkable city on a pretty decent beach!

Dare I say I liked it better than Rome? Perhaps Paris too!?!

Suggested read while visiting Barcelona: Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones

Favorite Barcelona Restaurants:

Breakfast: Taverna del Bisbe– Fabulous sub sandwich of the day, a glass of beer or wine, plus an excellent coffee for €3.50. Yes I said beer for breakfast!

Dinner: PLA– Simply OUTSTANDING menu, excellent service, wonderful fusion of flavors to be experienced!!!

Have you been to Barcelona? Do you have a favorite place or memory to share?