Eliane lost yet another tooth.

This makes eight.

She carried her latest tiny pearl around all day in a silver-plated tooth box discussing her visions of a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

She asked the same question over and over,
`Mommy, is there such thing as the Tooth Fairy?´

I repeated my answer countless times,
`Eliane, if you don´t believe, you won´t receive.´

I never elaborate on the subject.


I continued wiping the kitchen counter in silence.

Then for a brief moment she switched gears,
`How about Santa?´

She seemed content with my echo-like response and finally let the topic go.

Until bedtime.

Dream Baby was out of town, and on these occasions, Eliane sleeps with me. As she snuggled up to me wearing one of her Daddy´s tee-shirts, she whispered,

`Mommy we have to go to sleep now because the Tooth Fairy will never come if we are awake. ´

`Okay Baby.´

`Good night Mommy, I love you.´

`Good night Sweetie, I love you too.´

If you don´t believe, you won´t receive.

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