Move over Zumba, make room for Burlesque!

The dramatically fun, costume sensational, hip gyrating musical film production


starring Cher and Christina Aguilera

has inspired a new fitness trend that is taking work-out studios by storm.

If you have not seen the film, it is fabulous!

That is if you appreciate Cher, Christina Aguilera, seductive dances, exciting music, and the exhilaration of watching desire pay off when fused with hard work, GOODNESS, GRIT, and dedication.

Click to watch the Original Burlesque Movie Trailer 

The rekindled sensual method of dance performance from the 1800´s

is  NOT can-can!!!

Do not expect line dancing and kicks.

Burlesque is not a striptease, done right its an art form. Learning how to burlesque dance well takes concentration and a spirit of playfulness.

It is YOU stepping outside the box.

Hip rolling, booty shaking, bosom shimmying, sexy posing, and mirror flirting.

More fun than Zumba…

and just as naughty as pole dancing.

Burlesque will give you a workout leaving you energized and fulfilled.

Every muscle in your body will come alive during one hour of fun core building cardio.

So, grab your `girls´ and hit the club!

Bring your inner sex appeal, lose all inhibitions, have fun with it, and….


if you fall off the stage…
leg extended and boobs out!

Welcome to Burlesque!

Do you dare?

I tried it and loved it!

I did not pick up the steps as quickly as the twenty-somethings in the class, but that is because I have had the opportunity to enjoy more red wine in my life.

AND, at the end of the hour I was just as FABULOUS despite my brain cell deficiency.

It was FUN and I sweat my ass off!

Click here for an encore!

Coming in October!