Twin Towers Spring 2001 photo by KATIE DAY WEISBERGER

I begin this post by borrowing Alan Jackson´s question, `Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?´

The day nor the year need be said.

I was living in Franklin,TN.

Esten, our two year old and I had just dropped Erling Jr., our four year old, off at preschool. Erling Sr. was traveling out of town.

I had called a girlfriend in Boston just to catch up that morning, and she said, `Kim, I can´t talk right now, you need to turn on your TV.´

 I did so and sat down on my bed and watched in confusion.

Then I saw the second plane crash and understood.

I remember saying OUT LOUD,` Oh Dear God, Oh Dear God, all those people!´

Erling Sr. called.

My parents called.

My neighbor called.

Then I called my sister.

I checked on Esten who was happy playing trucks in the other room, and debated picking up Erling Jr.

And I cried.

As the events of the day unfolded I cried more.

I remember reaching a point I didn´t think I could cry any more.

I was empty.

A few days later,

 I began miscarrying. I was pregnant.

Turns out there was a significant increase in miscarriages during that month on that year.

A decade later, the wounds are still fresh.

It hurt just as bad to watch it all happen again.

The suffering of all of those innocent people and their families.

I remained glued to the coverage just as before.


My life was forever changed by that day, that month, that year.

I still hurt, but I forgive.

We must move on.