If you have been paying attention, you know I have been working with apples this week from our backyard.

We have two very old trees that are relentless apple producers. Despite my aggressive spring pruning, and this past summer being the rainiest EVER in Norway, causing many apples to rot while still on the tree, I managed to harvest three large baskets full.

I made apple sauce, apple pie filling, and even baked a pie!

It was just enough fruit to make the day delightful and not a job.

But with fruit comes fruit flies! And boy are those tiny things a gross and obnoxious nuscence! Especially if you have the windows open allowing the crisp fall air to come in.

I have heard if you leave a glass of red wine out they will drown in it overnight.

Reluctant to share my wine, I tried this and while they did go to the glass, not one fell in and drowned. There were 20 discusting flies on the glass the next morning, alive and ready to irritate.

Clearly my flies are on the wagon, because my wine is definitely adaquate!

 I searched online and found all kinds of interesting tricks.

Trap found on Google

But I had my doubts.

However, while in town running errands, I overheard two elderly ladies discussing their sure fire fruit fly remedy with a cashier. Currently, the locals are as concerned with fruit flies as they are the weather!

Most do not have airconditioning nor window screens in Norway; they are not really needed, and everyone´s windows are open now.

Image found on Google, source unknown.

And if I have learned anything in my life, the bluer the hair, the smarter the individual. So I took note!

Turns out the trick is 1/4 cup of vinger with a splash of dishwashing detergent in a bowl or small glass.


The next morning every single fly had drown!

God bless the wisdom of blue hair!

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Got to love Scandinavia!!!!

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