Each year, as the apples begin to fall off the trees in our backyard, I begin to dread the work that awaits.

But when I get myself going, I always enjoy the chore. And without fail I catch myself singing the same tune as I work, year after year. You know the one.

The Johnny Appleseed Song  (click this link to hear)

Remember singing this song as the blessing? It was the only time I can recall being allowed to sing at the table.

Oh the nostalgia! We watched this film every fall in elementary school and I loved it. It was filled with kindness, generosity, helpfulness, gratefulness, and it bubbled over with the utter joy in life´s blessings.

 I can´t help but wonder if it is still allowed in schools today.

Fresh Pick

If you have never seen this charming 1948 Walt Disney animation, it is available in two short parts via You Tube:

Johnny Appleseed Part 1  (click to watch)

 Johnny Appleseed Part 2  (click to watch)

Share it with the little ones in your life. You will be glad you did!

Now that the pickin´s done,

there´s a lot of work to do!!!!!!!

Refill your cup and check out my poem entitled Apple Trees! (click to go to poem)

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