As the world searches for the best pod coffee maker to grace their kitchen counter, look what rolled up my street this past weekend! A buzz worthy announcement for discriminating coffee drinkers!

In town for an organic foods festival, and just in time for an antique car parade and a Harley Davidson Owner Group (HOG) rally to make it´s debut, this is no typical Mike´s Coffee Truck! It seems the fashionably trendy terms associated with the latest must have coffee maker; cute, tiny, green and good have sprouted wheels! Thus shining a new light on the Coffee-To-Go concept  of yesterday.

Beginning this week, you will see GreenBean Kaffe scooting around Oslo selling their organic coffee on wheels! They will eventually have organized route plans with scheduled stops mapped out for client convenience.

Keep an eye out for the Kostveit Dagestad brother/sister team from Lillehammer and their Italian Scooters as they hop around the city selling their `Good organic coffee on wheels´ concept!

For event booking or more information go to the Facebook Page  or visit their website