A time to let the writing gears slow down, sip ice tea in the shade, walk barefoot in the sand, and allow cool waters rinse cares away.

Tranquil sounds of waves rolling, children laughing, and birds chirping lull you to sleep while sitting in the front porch swing holding a good book.

Surrounded by family busy doing nothing.

Coffee outside in the mornings while dew is still on the ground.

A cork in the water makes a circle of ripples that expand. Suddenly both are gone and the first fish of the season is caught.

Bike rides, the aroma of  fresh cut grass in the air, and watching children eat watermelon with juice running down their bellies.

A day of kite flying and splashing in water.

Walks on the beach and romantic flames rekindled.

Stroll to the drugstore, belly up to the counter, and order ice cream to ease the sweltering heat.

Fresh garden vegetables on the menu and the smell of  dinner on the grill.

Wine in the evenings make the perfect compliment to the sun´s silent setting  performance as sea breezes applaud in the background.

The moments one wishes time could stand still.