The last week of school is always filled with excitement. An energy so infectious that you think nothing can stop the buzz. Well guess what? A call home from a teacher can!

A few weeks ago, our fourteen year old went on a class trip to the southern coast of Norway for a week of fishing, canoeing, sailing, hiking, and similar outdoor fun. I missed him like crazy. It was the first time he was away from home for that long. The house was eerily quiet, there was less mess all over, fewer doors left open, and the younger two children seemed less agitated. I now know who the instigator is.

When he returned, with his wet laundry and wearing the same pair of socks he left in, there were hugs, kisses, and this statement,

Mom, you are going to get a call.

Great, I think to myself. Then I ask out loud,

Now what?

He tells me a story that left me wondering what the rest of the story could possibly involve.

We have a rule in our home that if Mommy gets a surprise phone call, there will be Hell to pay. I imagine this rule was instigated by a surprise call, I can´t remember.

Days go by, and the dreaded phone call never came.

Just as I think perhaps Jr´s story was true,  it wasn´t really worth calling home about, it came.

I sat down and prepared myself for the worst. The apple does not fall far from the tree you know.

The teacher begins: Ms. Mengshoel?


We had an incident on our class trip that has prompted me to make a lot of phone calls.

I think to myself, great, this time he rallied troops, and I responded with the intelligent, uhm ok?

It seems your son, and several others were out past curfew.

I braced myself for the sum of money I owe in property damage, the fact that my child snuck beer in his backpack, or was perhaps caught in acts of sexual mischief I am NOT ready to deal with, and I hear an echo of myself say, uhm ok?

There was a pause filled with silence that made me very nervous. I broke the silence with, And?

Well, we teachers felt a rule was broken and that there should be consequences.

Another uncomfortable silent pause. And I start thinking…

Right, let me get this straight, you take the entire eighth grade on a class trip for a week, and on the last night, a group was caught outside their cabins after curfew…


Nothing was broken? No windows, tables, nor bathroom sinks?

No one was hurt?

No alcohol was involved?

  I´m sorry why are you calling me?

Seemingly that was it!

I have great respect for what teachers do for our children, and completely understand there must be rules, and rules must be followed.  However, I could not wait for Jr to get home that afternoon to continue this talk.

He walked in the door, and I greeted him with, I got the call today!

He smiled and said, I told you he would call.

Sweetie, would you please tell me again how you tried to outsmart the teachers?

He grinned bigger and began his tale.

Well on the last night, seven of us had walkie talkies, set on the same channel as the teachers. We snuck outside and climbed up on a big rock, and began our game.

I´m out and headed for cabin #3

Roger that, out and headed for #3

As the teachers ran for cabin #3, I said, Retreat! Peter Pan has taken flight! Meet in cabin #1! Then we watched the teachers run to Cabin #1.  And for about ten minutes we had a ball watching the teachers try to find us!

Relieved our little boy is still very much a little boy, I giggled just as much the 2nd time hearing this story, and thought it worth sharing!

Happy Summer Vacation Yáll!!!

All Pics courtesy of  Skottevik Ferie Senter

and there are plenty more in the Gallery section of the link below.