I had a dream

as a young´un

conceived from a biography

of Abraham Lincoln.

To build a log cabin

like Honest Abe´s,

a place to play

with all my doll babes.

Lived out of town

surrounded by woods,

building supplies

would be cheap goods.

I had a plan,

drawings and all,

just wasn´t sure how to get

the trees to fall.

I asked Dad for help,

he smiled and said,

Right now, Sug,

it´s time for bed.

That night brought

a new dream to chase

but today you will see

  surprise on my face.

While in our daughter´s play house

enjoying coffee and cake

a thought occurred,

and for goodness sake…

As if a snowball

had smacked me in the head,

a blow of reality

not one word said.

In that wee chair

I came to realize…

dreams do come true

when you open your eyes.

(Our daughter Eliane, age 7, in front of the log cabin play house that came with the property we purchased site unseen in Norway.)