Our children have one more week of school, and as I plan summer activities, I am reminded of a previous vacation where my scheduling went awry.

Fall break, three years ago, an announcement in the local paper caught my eye. A university film department was hosting a film course for children. During the three day course the children would write a script, act, film, direct, and edit a short three minute movie. On the last day of the course, parents would be invited to view their work at our local movie theater.

Without asking, I sign both boys up for the course. Esten was nervous, but excited.  Erling, however,  was downright angry. Evidently he and his buddies had plans to build a tree house during the week, and this film course dropped a wrench in his gears.

Day One: I woke the boys at 8:00am. Esten, filled with questions and energy, dressed, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, and was out the door. Erling found it impossible to fathom me waking him so early on a vacation day. He drug his feet, and complained every step.  I no sooner  got him out the door, and he was right back with the announcement that there were only girls there and he was not staying.  I walked him the two blocks back to school and witness Esten acting like a pre-schooler in front of a group of older girls from Erling´s class. I was beginning to feel Erling´s pain and slightly regretted not conferring with him before forcing him into this. To my horror, he and Esten were in fact the only boys.

Day Two: Repeat of Day One morning routine. Esten up and out, Erling had to be forced out the door. I couldn´t believe I was torturing my son. But I had already paid for the course. I thought it would be fun. How could I be so wrong?

When they returned that afternoon, something had changed in Erling´s attitude. Upon prodding, I discover he and Esten were assigned to different groups (thank goodness). In addition,  Erling admitted it was fun, and tomorrow they need to wear the same clothes as today because of filming.

Day Three: Two excited boys up and out! When they returned home that afternoon, movie time could not come fast enough!

After dinner we walked as a family to the cinema. Sr and I had no idea what we were in for. We purchased our tub of pop-corn and sodas, then found our seats. And for a few minutes, three groups of entertaining children delighted us with their talents. There is nothing like seeing your own child on big screen, and on this night we had two stars!

Here is a link to Erling´s three minute movie entitled Gotesnoken (Candy Thief). It is in Norwegian, but there is very little dialogue. The synopsis is, his sister sneaks candy out of the kitchen cabinet, and when she doesn´t share, he tells on her. Enjoy the presentation, and don´t miss the edited cuts at the end. They are my proof he enjoyed his three days of film school, and hopefully doesn´t hate me!


Esten´s movie is called Spretterten (The Slingshot). He shoots a teacher with a slingshot and there´s, as you can imagine, trouble.