Soaked from rain, Erling and Esten at The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

The sun fooled the Norse Gods, and managed to shine warmly the past three days. However; Freyr, the ruler of peace, fertility, rain and sunshine will not be fooled long!

In Norse mythology, Freyr was one of the most powerful gods. Legend says he rode a boar which could travel across both the sky and ocean. And when he got bored, he would bust out his own ship, the Skiobloanir, which was the finest ship in Scandinavia. And when his ship was not in use, Freyr would fold it up and store it in his pocket.

Today Freyr regained control. He carefully unfolded his ship, and set it sail on our street. For the heavens opened up and the rain poured down upon the poor souls foolish enough to expose skin during the glimpse of yesterday´s warmth.

Like a sacked puppy discarded into the river, I clawed my way to dryness. Humiliation and rejection soaked my heart. Empty, wet, and cold, I found shelter under the roof I now call home, and made my way to the coffee pot.

As I began the hypnotized motions of filling a filter with grind, something caught my eye, and warmed the heart I was certain I had left  lifeless on the riverbank. I saw a candle flicker from a kitchen window two blocks away.

A signal sent only to me. And I responded by lighting the globe in my kitchen window. A signal of welcomed friendship sent in the language of flame. An announcement that I am home and coffee is on!

Truth be known, I have no idea who lives in the house two blocks away. But every time that candle is lit, I pretend someone is reaching out to me. A game of secret signals I have been playing for seven years. Snapped out of the coffee making trance, I grabbed a bottle of red instead, and poured a glass.

Ah Freyr, you big strong man, thank you for opening the heavens. I had no intentions of fulfilling Odin´s last request before leaving town to plunder castles of Windsor. Wetting grass seed with a garden hose disinterests Sunna.

Amazing what a lighted candle and a drop of grape can do to a sun goddess.

For years I flew in my dreams, and then the flying stopped. I hope someday I  Learn to Fly again.

This post is a follow-up to Starting Over, then Snow Covered Angel found in the Literature Category of Goodness and Grit.