One day, five stages, and a mysterious number of miles, the Tour de Lillehammer, better known as Cycliade, may be the most fun sporting event in the world. The 9th annual Tour de Lillehammer features 64 riders biking what can be a grueling test of endurance and strategy that includes off road mountain terrain, highway, time trials and, undoubtedly, numerous surprises.

The invitational event requires participants to be well trained, willing to serve one course to eight people, and be in top endurance shape, because the day is long, satisfying, and delightfully enjoyable.

Stage one: Mountain Stages  (Cocktails- everyone knows you can only bike mountains BEFORE cocktails!)

Early afternoon, the last Saturday in May, participants, working in teams of two, have received a TOP SECRET letter with an address telling them where they are to bike for a cocktail. Timing must be well planned. Especially if one part of your team is a mountain bike racer, and the other is not! At this destination, the home of a partaker pair, will be three other couples meeting, for a total of eight participants. You are given a limited amount of time to relax, socialize, and refresh before receiving a new TOP SECRET envelope.

The second note begins Stage two: Intermediate (Appetizers! Now that alcohol has been introduced, experience helps)

Bike teams leave their original social group in route to another destination where they meet 3 new couples. And again with limited but adequate time, appetizers are served, bikers are refreshed and all are merry.

View half way up Stage one

Stages three and four: Flats (easy going and walk if you need to) dinner and dessert, are served in the exact same manner. Secret Envelopes are handed out, and bikers cycle to the new locations where three new couples await their presence.

View from dinner

View from dessert

It is particularly fun meeting other participants in and around town as you bike to your new destination. Participants are easy to spot, because all wear the same bike jersey. So whether you know them or not, you simply must stop and be social! It is too fun not to!

Cycliade is a wonderful twist to the progressive dinner concept. Biking clears your mind, and is a fabulous way to get fit. The participants are extremely diverse and you never know whom you may meet, who´s home you will dine, or what you may be served. It is great fun and quite frankly one of the highlights of spring in Lillehammer!

Stage five: The Party (Park your bike, you are no longer legal to drive, but you may still need your helmet)

After dessert everyone receives a final envelope directing all bikers to one location large enough to accommodate all sixty-four participants. The fun evening goes well into the wee hours of morning and is filled with stories shared of gruesomely vicious terrains that snake up remarkable steep gradients, wonderful people met along the way, new friends discovered, old friends reunited, and the exhilarating feelings of coasting downhill.