I have been without internet service the past couple of days. So, what does a blogger do when blogging is not possible? I suppose I can only speak for myself, but  neglected housework would not stop staring through me. Therefore, I began the ever dreaded spring cleaning. Wall washing, cabinet cleaning, going through the children´s clothes and toys they have out grown, filling bags to donate, and reflecting. Each little outfit and toy stirs my emotions with happy memories. Then I found something that took me for a mental ride. One as joyous as horseback riding on a beach at sunset. Wynonna Judd´s bath robe.

I love a good yard sale. And the interior designer in me thinks she can spot a treasure from a mile away, as long as it is properly displayed. I do not have the patience to rummage. In fact, for me to stop at your yard sale, something better catch my eye from the road. Presentation is everything! If it looks like a lifetime´s collection of cherished heirlooms, I´m stopping. If it looks like a pile of garbage, I´m sale-ing on to the next location circled on my newspaper. There is an art to sale-ing, and the the search for treasure is exhilarating, as long as it isn´t buried.

I have been to several memorable house ridding events, but none compare to the one Wynonna Judd hosted on a summer weekend a few years back. It made national news, and I was there. My girlfriend and I had planned for days. We arrived early, but the pasture on Wynonna´s estate in Leipers Fork, Tenn. was already full of cars. We had to park past the buffalo; yes, Wynonna has buffalo. This sight  alone was worth the trip. We put Esten in his stroller, and strolled by the fascinating animals for him to see. Then, with our pockets full of singles, we went past security at the gate.

To say Wynonna was getting rid of a few things would be an understatement. And the displays were eye catching! Items for sale included stage clothing and shoes by the dozens. In fact an entire sun room was filled with shoes. I saw hair dye; go figure, and there were appliances, as well as a small banquet tent filled with beautiful Christmas decorations. A large shed was packed with books, tour posters, workout equipment, toys, designer furniture, a maroon and chrome 1992 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail, and a restored 1949 Ford pick up truck.

Right away I spotted a pretty needle point pillow that I could not live without. Then I noticed the $100.00 sticker. The event was advertised as charitable, but  I was thinking yard sale. I probably had twenty five singles in my pocket. I never dreamed there would be rows of cashiers set up for Visa, American Express, and Discover. I carried my pillow around for at least forty minutes before the reality of not having my wallet set in. I placed it gently on a  bed that was also for sale, displayed in the middle of the yard with it´s matching armoire and night stands, and watched it get snatched up immediately. Disappointed, I pushed Esten around in search for my girlfriend whom I lost shortly after entering. Overhearing Wynonna herself having a discussion via two-way radio with one of the guards about the price on a pair of shoes boosted my spirits. She was monitoring the event from inside the main house. I can imagine how entertained she was.

I noticed my friend standing in line holding a make-up mirror and headed her way, but a pretty white cotton chenille bath robe caught my eye. It had a $2.00 sticker that seemed odd compared to the other non-thrifty prices so I was thrilled, yet skeptical. This is when Esten decided he was finished sale-ing for the day. I handed my friend Wynonna´s bath robe and two dollars. I also said clearly, `If it costs more than two dollars I do not want it.´ Then strolled Esten towards the beautiful old barn with BELIEVE painted largely on the roof,  past the buffalo, and to the car which was fortunately supplied with snacks, drinks, and diapers. Because my girl friend took forever! Good news though, when she appeared in the distance, I could see she had my robe!

Me (very excited): Really it only cost $2.00?

Her: Uhm no.

Me: $20.00?

Her: Well, yes, but no.

Me (confused and slightly concerned) : How much do I owe you?

Her: Well it was $20.00 and for an additional $25.00 Wynonna signed it for you.

Me (frustrated and now a bit irritated): Huh?

As I sit here this morning, no make-up and bed head in Wynonna´s robe, getting my overdue blog fix, I can´t help but think this was a personal best yard sale purchase. The signature washed off years ago, but I know it was once there. I hope some day to have the opportunity to tell Ms. Judd how much I love her robe, and how her music has touched me.  In addition,  I am thankful for my girlfriend. Without her I would have fewer memories and laughs to share. I love you Debbie!