After lunching at our favorite Nashville, TN deli, Mother was wandering around the gourmet grocery isles while I was in line to pay our bill. Low and behold in walks Naomi Judd. Not a soul made reference to her presence. There was not even a lull in the conversations of the extremely loud and crowded cafe. Nashvillians are that way, and that is precisely why so many celebrities choose to live in the area. She was stunning. Radiating a look-at-me-because-I-am-fixed aura. And fixed she was. She was wearing dark denim  jeans, a fitted black leather jacket, to die for tiger fur-looking stiletto boots, and sunglasses. Her beautiful hair, a distinct shade of red than can not be found naturally anywhere on this earth but works for her, is recognizable anywhere. And her makeup was perfect. Naomi´s skin really does look as good in real life as it does on TV. She walked up to the opposing register from me and quietly asked for her take-out order. My phone rang. I didn´t want to answer because I was too busy concentrating on staring at Naomi politely and eavesdropping on her whispered conversation with the cashier. I glanced at the caller ID and it was Daddy. He never calls, so I answered.

Me: Hi Daddy.

Naomi looked up and made eye contact with me. I was probably too loud.

Daddy: Hey girl what´s up?

Me (thinking hurry up, I am busy staring at Naomi Judd and can´t talk now): Uhm not much, just finished lunch with Mom and we are headed shopping.

Daddy: Ok, I was just checking on y´all.

That´s when I noticed Mother doing some sort of dance behind Naomi. Clearly Mom is not from Nashville. I try to ignore her, but her dance gets crazier. She had one arm in the air pointing and was trying desperately to get my attention.

I felt my face redden as I hung up with Daddy. In addition, I could hear Mother saying, `Kim!´in the background.  I glanced back up at Naomi and was relieved to see her walking out the door without noticing Mother, who was seemingly on a bee-line behind her. I collected my change and rushed towards the door to cut Mother off.  I had no idea what she was about to do, but I was hell bent to stop her. She grabbed my arm and gave it a gentle squeeze then asked, `Did you see that woman´s boots?´

That´s when it occurred to me Mother had no idea she was just graced with the presence of Naomi Judd. I had completely misunderstood her body language! She was not interested in an autograph or a picture. Nor was she intending to invite Naomi to sit with us and have a glass of iced tea.  She had seen a pair of fabulous boots, and simply wanted to share that vision with me.

Naomi`s website is easy to lose yourself in. Grab a coffee and explore!