Gunda Aarhus Design

While visiting the Lillehammer Art Museum, I saw an exhibit that made my mind turn a mental cartwheel. A flip much like the two a year Betsy Johnson does at the finale of her spring and fall runway shows. At first glance, you will think, pretty. But upon closer inspection you will no doubt think, brilliant!

Gunda Aarhus, 61 year old Oslo, Norway resident, has a sophisticated eye with an interesting twist on classic design. Her work is inspired from  Norwegian culture and lifestyle.  Most outstanding is her Gone with The Wine Series of dresses.  A frivolous collection that is sure to seduce any fun seeking fashionista.  These dresses are made ​​of empty 3-liter wine box bladders that have been welded together including taps.

Gone With The Wine Collection-Gunda Aarhus

According to literature displayed with the exhibit, the material for the dresses has been collected over several years. Here are the remains of  new year´s eve parties, birthday parties, holiday trips, and cozy evenings of indulgence at home. The wine was consumed willingly and sympathetically with the help of family, friends and acquaintances. The first dress in this series was created as a humorous commentary on border trade with Sweden, named Moss Costume, and was purchased by the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs in 2005.

I found the designs refined, elegant, soft, wearable, feminine, and playful. Not to mention the environmental benefits of using recycled materials. I plan to contact Ms Aarhus regarding a piece of her Haute Couture for my personal collection. In addition, I fully intend to ask if I may join her group of sympathetic wine drinking friends on their mission of material collecting.  I will also suggest she contact Lady Gaga.

Move over Donna, Calvin, and Ralph. Make room for Gunda on the runway!