Artist unknown, but brilliant!

I spent the entire day working on Goodness and Grit´s face lift. The biggest challenge was to add a functioning translator widget, I do live in Yurp after all. For me it wasn´t as easy as cutting and pasting from a how-to on Youtube; because for whatever reason, it simply did not work for my blog´s format. But, after hours of research, I found something worth sharing with those that may have hit the same walls.

If you feel a translator is necessary for your  blog, have tried everything, but nothing seems to work,  follow these time consuming, but simple steps:

1- Copy the dark text below:

Translate this blog into different languages…

<br /><br />

<a href=”;langpair=en|sq&amp;u=” title=”Albanian”>Albanian</a>

<a href=”;langpair=en|ar&amp;u=” title=”Arabic”>Arabic</a>

<a href=”;langpair=en|bg&amp;u=” title=”Bulgarian”>Bulgarian</a>

<a href=”;langpair=en|ca&amp;u=” title=”Catalan”>Catalan</a>

<a href=”;langpair=en|zh-CN&amp;u=” title=”Chinese Simplified”>Chinese Simplified</a>

<a href=”|zh-TW&u=” title=”Chinese Traditional”>Chinese Traditional</a>

<a href=”|hr&u=” title=”Croatian”>Croatian</a>

<a href=”|cs&u=” title=”Czech”>Czech</a>

<a href=”|da&u=” title=”Danish”>Danish</a>

<a href=”|nl&u=” title=”Dutch”>Dutch</a>

<a href=”|et&u=” title=”Estonian”>Estonian</a>

<a href=”|tl&u=” title=”Filipino”>Filipino</a>

<a href=”|fi&u=” title=”Finnish”>Finnish</a>

<a href=”|fr&u=” title=”French”>French</a>

<a href=”|gl&u=” title=”Galician”>Galician</a>

<a href=”|de&u=” title=”German”>German</a>

<a href=”|el&u=” title=”Greek”>Greek</a>

<a href=”|iw&u=” title=”Hebrew”>Hebrew</a>

<a href=”|hi&u=” title=”Hindi”>Hindi</a>

<a href=”|hu&u=” title=”Hungarian”>Hungarian</a>

<a href=”|id&u=” title=”Indonesian”>Indonesian</a>

<a href=”|it&u=” title=”Italian”>Italian</a>

<a href=”|ja&u=” title=”Japanese”>Japanese</a>

<a href=”|ko&u=” title=”Korean”>Korean</a>

<a href=”|lv&u=” title=”Lativian”>Lativian</a>

<a href=”|lt&u=” title=”Lithuanian”>Lithuanian</a>

<a href=”|mt&u=” title=”Maltese”>Maltese</a>

<a href=”|no&u=” title=”Norwegian”>Norwegian</a>

<a href=”|pl&u=” title=”Polish”>Polish</a>

<a href=”|pt&u=” title=”Portuguese”>Portuguese</a>

<a href=”|ro&u=” title=”Romanian”>Romanian</a>

<a href=”|ru&u=” title=”Russian”>Russian</a>

<a href=”|sr&u=” title=”Serbian”>Serbian</a>

<a href=”|sk&u=” title=”Slovak”>Slovak</a>

<a href=”|sl&u=” title=”Slovenian”>Slovenian</a>

<a href=”|es&u=” title=”Spanish”>Spanish</a>

<a href=”|sv&u=” title=”Swedish”>Swedish</a>

<a href=”|th&u=” title=”Thai”>Thai</a>

<a href=”|tr&u=” title=”Turkish”>Turkish</a>

<a href=”|uk&u=” title=”Ukrainian”>Ukrainian</a>

<a href=”|vi&u=” title=”Vietnamese”>Vietnamese</a>

2- Paste  into Word or Edit

3- Go to the top of what you just pasted into Word or Edit and replace all 41 http://fancyblog.coms with your blog´s url

4-Recopy the edited text

5-Paste in the text/html widget sidebar of your blog´s dashboard

Good Luck! If you have problems, I will gladly try to help.

If you are one of my three regular readers, and have held on this long, bless your heart. I promise this sort of post will not become a habit!