Why is the thought of spring alluring?  A moment of warm sun on a remaining winter day teases and taunts us.  Visions of beautiful flowers hypnotize and lure us right into the cunning trap of awaiting spring monsters. Fantasies of lighter clothes and open toe shoes suck us in like the irresistible sweet breath of a vampire. Day dreams of lazy days, sitting outside , barefoot, with a good book literally sacrifice us as bait.  Almost simultaneously, they circle us as we sit waiting, unaware they are watching. Then one by one they pounce. The horror of their torment rips at our moments of happiness, shredding these wonderful thoughts to oblivion.  A gruesome attack leaving us in corners shaking and wondering if we have lost our sanity.

These are not imaginary creatures, but real, gruesomely grotesque, stalkers haunting us day and night.  Dead plants in pots lurk about begging to be replaced with renewed life. Comatose grass and decayed mulch drool for the taste of  a fresh scrape. Windows smeared with candle soot and smudges from cozy winter evenings now try to prohibit our enjoyment of  new awakenings that  stir outside. The increasingly brighter sunlight and longer days bring additional dust particles into view, sending visions of horrifying spring cleaning shivering down our spines. Then the pollen arrives. The hideous beasts that quietly tip toe up behind their allergic prey.  We scramble for resistance, but the grips of spring monsters are strong, tight, and piercing.

We fight, armed with mops, rakes, squeegees, and antihistamines. Protecting ourselves as well as our little warriors with sun factor as we rally troops engaging them in the battles as well. Suddenly, when you think you have conquered the scariest enigma, the most horrendous of all spring monsters appear. The terrifyingly  destructive,  gigantic, blubbery lose skinned, gross scaly lizard-like creature called bikini season!