I sit at the computer watching my young daughter play on the floor,  sunlight reflecting off the blond streaks in her hair, and think to myself how quickly she is growing. She smiles up at me with her toothless smile, and asks if I will play with her. So I save my latest thoughts and crawl down beside her. She is dressing Milla, her teddy bear, in a doll´s dress and asks if I think Milla looks pretty. I answer yes and begin thinking of thoughts I really want to tell her.  I know I can not control her future, but I would love to protect her from the uglies of my past. So I will teach her the things I learned that make my life rich. Some I did not realize until my forties. If I drill them in now, perhaps they will sink in earlier for her.

I will teach her to be patient, and only chase the things she loves. Don´t chase money, because then she will never have enough. Chase happiness instead and live with a purpose. Then the riches will come without trying. Be honest at all times. Even tiny white lies are worthless.   Never judge a person based on what is seen or heard. It is what one knows that makes everything certain. Filter words, don´t be hasty, and make wise decisions.

I will tell her, `When in doubt, don´t, and never stray from whom you are. Figure out a way to exercise regularly, because this is you time.  And drink lots of water, even when you are not thirsty. If someone hurts you, learn to forgive. Don´t hold a grudge, emit  kindness instead. As for men, they are simple creatures. If you don´t get anything else I say, learn this. All they want is to be loved. It is silly to be jealous or insecure. If you do not have trust, you do not have anything. Find someone who is honest, and love him. Never hide inhibitions. You will never be more beautiful than you are today, so work it. Have fun, practice moderation, and learn to laugh at yourself because no one is perfect.  Lastly, try  really hard to remember the good in me.´