In a house filled with small children, it rains baby teeth. And when Esten, our middle child, lost his top front tooth, he was in his glory. We were on vacation in Spain. He spent the entire day spitting pool water through the new perforation in his funny looking smile, and  he continuously tried to whistle. There were giggles because certain words sounded funny when he spoke, and he exaggerated the difficulty of eating solid foods. In fact, Esten decided from that day forward, he could only eat ice cream. We had so much fun watching him marvel over this simple little wonder, that we hated to see the day end.

That night when everyone was sound asleep, the tooth fairy came for a visit. She was excited about her first exchange of tooth for Euros, and could not wait to make the transaction. With a smile on her face and generosity in her heart, she tip-toed upstairs to fulfill her destiny. To her surprise the bedroom door was locked. She tiptoed back downstairs and began searching for a key. Then, she began searching for anything to pick the lock. She tried several different things, but the big Spanish door defeated her.  A feeling of relief swept over her as she remembered the open window. She climbed on the roof, but the security bars, typical in Spanish architecture, shattered her elation. The tooth fairy was crushed. She climbed down and cried out of disappointment and frustration.

The next morning Esten awoke happy as ever. He came downstairs announcing that the tooth fairy had come!  She had left coins in a cup of water on his windowsill. There was a note announcing her plans to return tonight to claim the tooth that is rightfully hers. There were detailed instructions for Esten to put the tiny white prize in the same cup of water he had found coins and return it to the windowsill.  She also mentioned door locking could be a scary fire hazard and suggested he not do that anymore.

Never doubt the powers of a fairy, my dear. Her cleverness outwits most of us here. Her love and compassion soar beyond rooftops and time. She gains strength from teardrops as we drench sorrows in wine.

Esten (on the left) announcing THE TOOTH FAIRY CAME to mommy and daddy who were having coffee poolside

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