Life is about change. This all too familiar catch phrase came to me this morning as if a snowball had just smacked me upside the head. Change is exciting. Especially in the mind of a young person who is looking forward to what is yet to come.

This morning, while waiting for the coffee to finish making, I glanced outside the kitchen window to find an elderly lady behaving peculiarly in the middle of our quiet residential street. Horrible how we judge people whether we mean to or not. At first I thought she must be drunk, possibly homeless, perhaps mentally challenged. She was walking funny. Almost as if she were playfully trying to hop every 3rd step. The coffee maker made two final obnoxious slurps and the water took it’s sweet time flowing through the aromatic grounds. I poured my first cup for the day and continued watching. Her movements were too calculated to be the mere playfulness of a drunk. I became convinced each step was premeditated in a choreographed rhythm. I noticed her making a pitiful attempt of hopping on her left foot each time. That’s when it hit me. This lady isn’t homeless. She lives near by and must be the one I have heard neighbors say suffered a stroke a year or so ago. She is starting over. Learning how to use the left side of her body again. Going through one of life’s so called exciting changes.

As I stood there watching in amazement over how hard she was trying, I realized life isn’t just about change. Life’s changes involve starting over again and again. Often requiring more energy and courage than one cares to put forth. This vision hauntingly remained with me throughout my morning.

 I too am in a start over phase.  I hope my new life encourages me to pay attention to the little things that count.  Slow down and make more efforts to enjoy them while I can. Because before long, change occurs and they move on.