If I am wrong in stating NyQuil, or  similar over the counter medications, do not exist in Norway, please correct me! Because each time I go home, I use much of my baggage weight allowance to stock up on the stuff. Then I hoard it like gold. Only sacrificing a dose if I am convinced death is my only other alternative. Rarely will I let The Man of My Dreams persuade me he is sick enough to waste a dose, but it has happened.

Last night I was faced with a serious dilemma. I found myself on my death-bed. And, when I managed to drag myself to the secret hiding place for my stashed gold, there was only one dose remaining. Should I take it or should I save it for the night I fall off my death-bed and plummet beyond? Upon closer inspection, I realized it expired in 2007, and decided it needed to be ingested now. Besides, it had most likely lost it´s magic powers.

It had not. My night was peaceful. My gold truly is the perfect `nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold… medicine´. But then came morning. I awoke feeling better, yet still in a drug induced fog. That´s when I remember today is my day to teach yoga, and calling in sick is not an option.  I only teach one class a week. I should be able to pull myself together for an hour and a half, right?

I tell myself, `Today will be an easier than usual class, focusing on the details of each asana.  I will give extra attention to the new beginners and let the advanced do their thing Mysore style.´ Meaning I would mostly be talking and not practicing.   And while backing out of the driveway, I wonder if it is legal to drive ten hours after a dose of gold?

As luck would have it, only advanced regulars show up to class. No opportunity for drawn out explanations of breathing technique nor slow motion Sun Salutations to sweep time under the rug. Instead, this group is energized by practicing yoga with me in vigorous breath-synchronized movement. Deep Ujjayi breathing, one breath, one movement, a flow of dynamic physical training. Their energy had me in poses much like the golden statue of Kate Moss. And suddenly, as if the sun came out and burned all clouds away, my precious aurum met it´s aqua regia and dissolved. Yoga is that powerful, and is my drug of choice. However, if you plan to visit me from America, you will be frisked at the door for gold!