I am a sucker for style, good design, and a unique sense of fabulous. However, my daughter is a self-proclaimed anti-diva, and for this I blame Norway! After two sons, I was thrilled about the birth of our daughter. Finally someone fun to dress! And it was, until she began preschool in Norway.

Dressing a child for preschool, in a land of snow, ice, and water is an art. School is never canceled due to bad weather. Picnics, outdoor plays, or programs are never canceled or moved indoors due to weather. Not even field trips, where they typically walk where they may be going are canceled! These concepts are unfathomable for this Florida girl. In elementary school, I recall playing bingo in the cafeteria when it was raining outside, and each event or school function had a rain date attached to the invite just in case. And man, if there was a threat of snow, turn off the alarm clocks!

Not in Norway. And by all means I get it. If you cancel here every time there is a bit of weather, well, you would never leave the house.

So, the art of dressing begins. In layers of course, underwear, t-shirt, and wool socks. Followed by two pairs of wool long-johns (sometimes three).  Only then may you put on your regular clothes. This is followed by a fleece or wool snowsuit with a water resistant outer liner, waterproof winter-lined snow boots, glove liners, mittens, a scarf, and a hat.

Wait, there´s more! Now that it is spring, the snow melts a little in the afternoon requiring a child to have rain pants and a rain jacket over their snow suits as well as rain mittens! I had no idea rain mittens existed!!!

The problem is, my little non-fashionista has boycotted the regular clothes layer. Which means, if I am not paying extra attention when she leaves the house in the morning, she runs around the classroom all day in exposed long johns and could seriously care less!

Long johns are underwear. My daughter running around the classroom in her underwear bothers me. Especially when I know her closet is filled with most of the  2010 Juicy Couture line!

This, at her ripe age of seven, has prompted intense fashion discussions between the two of us. As I stress self-respect, she demands comfort. I suggest others may make fun of her, she reminds me that many wear the same thing.

I say: But Eliane,

She rolls her eyes and says: Oh Mommy!

She is practical and convincing,  but I really want to scream:

Reach for your inner fashionista child! The least you can do is find a matching feather boa and fabulous pair of dress-up pumps!

Her response:

Mama, matching anything went out with Noah´s Ark!