I was just hit in the head by an imaginary snowball!

This one was not as big as the ones that have whacked me before, but a rude awakening none the less.

I promise to elaborate on the bigger balls another time,

but today´s impact deals with a phone call from school.

Me: Hello?

Teacher: I am calling to let you know your son brought a baseball bat to school today.

Me: (excited to hear my child wants to teach his Norwegian buddies about America´s favorite pastime): And?

Teacher: He hit a child with the bat and I felt it best to involve you.

Reeling over the fact that my child is being accused of premeditated assault with a weapon, I continue: Who did he hit? Is that child OK?

He gave me a brief synopsis, during which I was convinced he was suppressing chuckles.

Then he encouraged me to discuss the event with my son and let him know if I have further questions.

My mind was racing, yet I was trying to remain calm.

Of course I have further questions! And for the life of me I could NOT figure out what was so funny.

I was mortified!

My child is the first kid to run to someone´s side if they get hurt on the playground.

He is caring and compassionate.

There is not a fighting bone in his body.

This has been proven by the countless times he has been beaten up.

I immediately drove home and found my son sitting on the kitchen floor, crying.

He had a small knot under his eye and showed me the beginnings of bruises on his hip and back.

Then he told me how this big kid in his class had been bullying him all day.

The same child, that has taunted my son for seven years, spent the day sneaking up behind him in the hallway between classes and punching him in the back. Or jumping out from behind a corner and kicking him in the side of the knee.

I asked what he did to deserve the abuse this time, and the answer was, `I verbally spoke up for a buddy that was being called a bad name.

He and a bunch of guys have been calling my friend `Ginger´  for a week now so I said something and for the rest of the day I was terrorized´.

My child is small, but he has a mouth. In addition, he does not seem to have the ability to filter words that might set a bully off.


My son continues, `He was punching and kicking me so hard Mom.

I simply wanted to scare him.

 So, I ran home and got my aluminum bat from little league.

 You should have seen the look on his face when I came running back on the school yard screaming like a wild man swinging the bat at him.

I tapped him on the arm and yes it left a mark, but I was only swinging with one hand ! He said grinning. ´

I am absorbing the info and trying not to over react. My child had time to think about his actions as he ran the two blocks home to get the bat, as well as the time it took to travel the same two blocks back to school during lunch break. Plenty of time to count to ten and get a mental grip. He must have been seriously rattled, because this is simply not like him. My child finally had enough and felt it was time to stand up for himself.

I am not an advocate of fighting, but will, in this instance, say the bully deserved it!

I also understand the chuckles from the teacher now as I imagine the scene of my pint-sized child chasing this over sized terrorist with a little league bat.

But, my little slugger understands that assault with a weapon leads to trouble, and if this is what he is learning from World of Warcraft, he may want to rethink his extra curricular activities.

Perhaps he should reunite the old ball and glove with his bat! Better yet, invite the bully over, teach him the game, and perhaps make a friend.